15 juni 2015


Thursday, when taking a walk around the harbor of Amsterdam, I walked by a line of waiting taxis. I decided to ask one of the drivers if I could ride around with him for the day. He said yes.

While driving around with Rob, he picked up three customers. The total of the cost of their drives was € 36,75,-.

10 juni 2015


On my way back from Zandvoort today the train was cancelled. I decided to use the wait for some good and made portraits of all the waiting passengers on the platform.


Today I went to Zandvoort and photographed sand. And some people. And some more sand.


With this series I wanted to try to capture some kind of contact with strangers in the split second they rode past me.

Some people locked eyes or even smiled, some got fidgety, some looked away as if ignoring the situation, but still with a certain conscious look across their face, some turned around in wonder as to see what I was photographing, some actually went around and came back again, and some just looked plain annoyed. Understandably.